why use a broker?



We are not employed by a lending institution

As Mortgage Brokers, we are here to represent you, the customer, not the lender. That means that we aren’t bound by the constraints of one institution’s products. Because we have the ability to shop around, we can offer you more choice and access to many mortgage products, matching your needs with the appropriate financing option at the best possible rate. Isn’t it time the banks compete for your business?


Mortgages are our business

Unlike branch representatives and personal bankers, at Equal Mortgages we are not continually interrupted by requests for traditional banking services. We focus on mortgages only, and as such are we know where to find the best rates and are up-to-date on terms, re-payment options and current industry trends.

Plus, we aren’t constrained by the limitation of banker’s hours. We are available seven days a week and because we are committed to making the mortgage process as simple as possible for each of our clients, we will come to your home or place of business at a time that is convenient for you to discuss your financing options. Service is fast and efficient because mortgages are our only business.


We save you time and money

Because of our close relationship with lenders, we know which institutions offer the best rates at any given time. Rates can change daily, but it is our business to stay on top of these changes. Rather than spending hours of your own time seeing what might be available from different institutions, Equal Mortgages does the leg work for you and knows which lender to approach first to ensure we get you the best possible rate for your unique needs.


Once we find the right mortgage for you, we take you step by step through the application process, explain your options and then secure the financing quickly and easily on your behalf.


We offer expert counselling at no cost

The relationships we have with our clients do not cease to exist once all the paperwork has been signed. You can call us at any time to ask questions or address concerns related to your mortgage.


We're paid by lenders

That’s right! 99% of the time we are paid by the lending institution once a mortgage has been placed, not the client. Why not 100%? In difficult situations where a borrower may not qualify for a traditional mortgage due to high debt or bad credit, there may be a fee charged. However, we make sure to disclose this fee to you up front so there are no surprises at any time in the process.